Large public university in Raleigh, North Carolina. Home to over 30,000 students, it's the largest university in the state. Noted for fantastic Engineering, Agricultural, and Design programs.
Athletic excellence is stressed, as Wolfpack teams regularly defeat competitors in the ACC, most notably UNC and Duke. Duke sucks.
We're the red and white from State
And we know we are the best
A hand behind our back
We can take on all the rest
Go to hell Carolina
Devils 'n' Deacs stand in line
The red and white from NC State
by Nemesis Darklord August 15, 2005
North Carolina State is a university filled with students who love their school, their teams, and their city. Although stereotyped for having "farmers" and "rednecks", State is home to all kinds of students. Yet, one word to describe them all is loyal. No matter how good or bad the football/basketball/baseball teams are doing, the fans are still there, filling the stands, yelling their loudest. The sky may be "Carolina blue" in chapel hill, but the weather is always fair in Raleigh.
Woody Durham (Carolina radio annoucner) actually said this: And Carolina scores before the half to trail (somebody) by only 14! Cars are turning around on Franklin Street!!!

....never at North Carolina State
by Brandon Stokes November 4, 2005
One of the top Design and Engineering and schools in the nation. (Just try to get in.)A school for people who, not only didn't apply, but didn't WANT to go to a school, such as UNC, that breeds drug addicts and alcoholics that will eventually squander all their money on the opium of choice.
Applicant #1: Hey, were you accepted into N.C. State's college of Design?
Leonardo DaVinci: I don't know, I have an interview tomorrow.
Pablo Picasso: I'm on the wait list.
by Matisse May 2, 2005
The School in Raliegh for the best people in the world. They are great at sports and have the Best Football, Basketball, and Baseball teams in the state. They are better than the UNC Crapholes, Dukey, and Wake.
by Sir Dude February 10, 2005
Over-rated School in Raliegh, Nc. Usually attended by rednecks and NC farm children that are not accepted to UNC. Everything there is named after there mascot The Wolf or Wolf Pack.
Hey Man, I'll tell you what, yall wanna go down to NC State for a Good ol' fashoned ejecation?
by The Godfather February 6, 2005
The school in Raleigh for the worst people in the world. They are horrible at sports and have the worst Football, Basketball, and Baseball teams in the state. They are way worse than the UNC, Duke, and Wake.
by Laurie Beth April 30, 2005
For north carolina's rednecks. most any graduate comes out of there serving unc graduates their french fries for life. a bunch of no good, lousy, redneck drunks. the proudest aspect of NCSU are their sports, which UNC has dominated them in since their pathetic inception not so many years ago.
North Carolina's flagship school and top producer of our state's business and political leaders.
by UNCspecial k May 26, 2005