make an effort to achieve a result, as hard as it may seem to be successful.
A :I'm Italian, how can I even think of explaining an English idiom ?
B : don't be a coward and give it a try.
by another_crazy_italian May 05, 2011
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someone who gives away the ball in the dying moments of a game.
After catching the getting the ball on defence I attempted to lob an inside pass, I missed judged the distance of my pass and instead threw a Billy give-us-a-try Slater as the ball was intercepted and the mighty Kiwis scored an easy try in the corner to win the game.
by samarillo December 18, 2008
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A demonstration of intent to half-ass a given project, and an indication that the project might come to fruition, but more likely won't.

Synonym for the Arabic phrase "Insha'Allah"
Bill: Are you going to have those TPS reports done by Friday?
Fred: I'll give it the ol' college try!
by SGT Dude August 29, 2008
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To join up with some friends, get some cheap beer, order a pizza, and forget about tomorrow.

Compliments of Bill Watterson
YOU- "Whatta we doing this weekend?"

FRIEND- "We'll give it the ol' college try."
by Enzo Ferrelli February 28, 2005
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