1.Men who are more feminine than usual man
2. Men who have trouble coming to a final decision.
The California House is a bunch of girly men.
by Odd August 9, 2004
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men who should have been born as girls
also known as pussiess pansys and gaylords
OH no there is a gang of girly men coming coming
quick cover your ass hole
by DEAN CHAD AND TOM August 9, 2004
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An unintelligent, offensive, funny, or silly nickname given to Democrats by a certain governor of California. Named after a Saturday Night Live Skit poking fun of said governor.

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"And I say, those men are girly men!"
by Sara August 7, 2004
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a guy that acts like a girl... basically, GAY
Arnold *Hispanic Hater*.... How'd he become governor? hmmmmmmmmm
by Tia Caramel August 10, 2004
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men who do not fit the accustomed stereotypical portrait of how a man should act. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) of California referred to the state Democrats by this moniker as a result of their stalling and refusal to pass his planned budget.
Arnold thought long and hard. He was furious with the state Democrats. How dare they not pass my budget, thought he. He looked over the varied scripts of his films to see if there was a suitable quote in Terminator 3, or Jingle All The Way, or Last Action Hero. But there wasn't. But then he had it.

"I shall call them...", he said, "girlie men!"
by maks August 11, 2004
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Reference to the democratics in sacramento by the Governator because they fail to pass the budget.
Also, girly men, girlie man, girly man
Democratics T-Shirt: Sacramento Girlie Man.
Republican T-Shirt: Don't be a Girlie Man.
by Girlie Man August 8, 2004
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