Originally started in 1990's, from Saturday Night Live's steroid laden Austrian team of Hans and Franz. Obviously a play on Ah-nuld's image, they would spout phrases like "Pump you up!" and call other men "Girlie Men."
FRANZ: Because if you can't, you shouldn't be laughing, you little girlie men out there, because you are so flabby, and you don't have a big gun! Get a big German gun like ours, ja, not flabby at all!
by Boon H April 6, 2006
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a man who is weak and indecisive,
a man who whines or begs incessantly for attention,
a man who does not keep his word
"I am so tired of dealing with Sissy Girly Men, it is pathetic how few real men there really are anymore."
by Caeliope June 3, 2007
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