The act of abstaining from using, buying or dealing with as a means of protest, when done by a female. Usually, but not exclusively done around "women's" issues.
We're totally girlcotting Ralph Lauren for their firing of that photoshopped model.
by Red Hester October 22, 2009
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To support businesses and organizations that are supportive of equal rights for all - the positive opposite of a boycott. A girlcott rewards good behavior whereas a boycott punishes bad behavior.
Let's girlcott the companies and organizations that have pulled out of North Carolina in support of trans-rights.
by wordsweaver July 22, 2016
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A boycott that is so short lived, that it really isn't a boycott at all. To abstain from buying or using, or dealing with for a very very short time frame
I'm going to girlcott my friend for a whole day.
by angrylion May 30, 2009
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The opposite of a boycott; where rather than avoiding or excluding someone, it involves actively engaging with them (often in a compelling or coercive manner) with the intent of ensuring they become more like you. This approach could be used as a form of punishment or for other strategic purposes.
We girlcotted that guy after he made fun of our friend
by sidh0e August 18, 2023
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