A Brand of Jean made by Marthé et François Girbaud. Gangsta jeans, which people in the hood and in the inner cities will be seen wearing. The most popular girbaud is the shuttle jean. The shuttle is the jean that has the knee and ankle straps that say "M+FG". They come in different colors to match your outfits.
"You keep your body clean ha
You got a lot of girbaud jeans ha" (From the song HA by Juvenile)
by mfgrue38 February 1, 2004
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The current conformist ghetto jean. Wear your Girbaud and you are cool until they go out of fashion, and then you look so yesterday. It's a corporate ploy, fools. All together now, make the sheep sound: Baaaaaaa !
"Oh those 3 boys in their identical Girbauds are so cool".
by SmarterThanYou'llEverBe January 23, 2007
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Punk ass white bitches that think they all about being black. They cant even pronounce Girbaud. Basically punk ass wiggers.
White Prep:Ay brah is that a Girbaud fit?

Punk ass Josh: Show is brah!!
by TurtleT August 20, 2006
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The best fucking pants or shorts you can have. Also apparently the most expensive too. The real ones have straps on both legs: 1 on each side for shorts and 2 on each side for pants. On the straps, the real ones, it says M+FGIRBAUD and it keeps saying that. If your shit says Girbaud in cursive your shit is fake. They can come in different colors for the pants and straps. And some stupid ass niggas be spelling them all wrong and shit cuz it's that's French shit.
I got some fly new Girbauds at the mall.
by Some G shit August 22, 2006
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Jeans that anybody can wear but mostly black people.
Girbaud has straps on it that says M+FG. M+FG is a name that stands for Marthé et François. Most of the girbauds r sold in the city. Maybe your mall but i got my girbaud downtown. price around $60-$85.
Some guy that want to buy girbaud jeans:Tight girbauds man? were u get em?
Guy with girbaud:I got it in the hood(also somelocated downtown)
by Jy May 11, 2006
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An outfit that usually consists of a pair of Girbaud pants, a tall tee, and a pair of Forces. Mainly worn by black guys and by some latinos. If worn by a white person, then it's pretty much a sure bet that that particular white person is a wigger.
When CJ wants goes to the mall, he wears a Girbaud fit.
by Jnelsonmarka October 1, 2006
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