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To rip off cheat, rob, steal or any similar fashion. Interchangeable with gank take and steal.
Ima pimp and I might just girb yo chick.
Aye man I just got girbed at the corner store!
Which one of yall girbed my phone!
by Kai Jai October 21, 2006
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pronounced: GURB
he’s tall, and kind. (taller than people called joris) he’s very gay but also very straight so he’s a super bi lol
wow he’s so tall, just like a girb!
by frook November 01, 2018
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pronunciation: GURB
adjective: drawlin, herbin , outta pocket

noun: weirdo
Adjective: Yoo Zay was girbin hard this morning when he woke up on a roof .
Noun: That kid is such a girb , like who sucks on eggs
by kingjugga July 30, 2017
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Pronunciation: GURB
(girb, girbs, girbing)
Girb is the description of the choking noise made in the back of the throat when one is surprised or begins to laugh off-guard.
The group girbed at the awful, terrible, yet beautiful meme.
She girbed as she remembered a joke from yesterday.
by deggo February 24, 2019
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