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This term was first used in 2007 at the start of the NFL season following the hype of the draft. It can be used and applied in a variety of ways. At its inception, the term was used to refer to any overhyped, overrated, and underperforming individual. However, at present day, the term has evolved to also include individuals who "drop the ball" literally, figuratively, or both, especially when said drop results in extreme disappointment.
Did you watch the football game?? That receiver really ginned it for miami in the end zone! I can't believe they lost.

The iPhone is an amazing technological device, but when it comes to sending picture messages, AT&T really ginned it.

My cable internet is supposed to connect at speeds "up to 20 mbps" but I've never connected above 2. Comcast really ginns its duties as an internet service provider.
by Johnny Drama Chase September 22, 2009
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The first of ZAFT's mobile suits to be mass produced in the Gundam Seed series. Basic soldiers really
He was successful in securing this lone mobile suit and in fighting off a ZAFT GINN
-Murrue Ramius
by Nigel Wiens April 14, 2005
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John: Hey Tyler, Could you possibly help me with the homework?
Tyler: Sorry man, I don't get it either. We should ask Dorothy, she's pretty ginn.
by Trust In Us January 04, 2017
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What wanna be rednecks say when they want to get plastered, Shitfaced, drunk off their Ass
Me, Sykes, Delray, and Craig gonna go gin'N tonight
by TxBoy@Heart July 28, 2010
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"Hi, I'm Eddie Ginn and I'm convinced that I am God. Would you like to buy some of my wares? I got them off the back of a lorry."
by driving_in_my_car May 06, 2005
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A easy to fuck female; HO
Where the gimps at
by Cevin F. October 23, 2003
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