"hey mom i made a gif i am a gifter"
by iceloops October 6, 2015
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an ironic term for someone who is not gifted
I like the way you dribble, gifter
by Mark Fresh November 7, 2003
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Someone that gives gifts without putting any thinking into it.
Shoppers overheard a rude thoughtless gifter say," They get whatever I buy them, their lucky they're getting anything."
by jpg3 December 20, 2014
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"The Downhill Gifter" - While you are giving someone oral sex - 1. Gently reach down and start to massage their feet 2. Then extend your arms fully behind you 3. Then lift upward 4. You should now be resembling a "Downhill Ski Position"
A girl sits pondering and penniless about what to get her boyfriend for his birthday... "Hmm, Well I know he wants to go skiing but we can't afford that... Maybe I could massage his feet? He does work really hard everyday... And every guy likes to get oral sex... Hmm..."... When the Birthday Boy comes home from work, he finds his girlfriend standing in the living room wearing a full ski suit, snow boots and goggles. A little thrown off at first, he says... "So, are we going skiing for my birthday after all?" She smiles back and says, "No... Not quite... :) "Its called The Downhill Gifter
by Maryjane* February 6, 2014
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A person who gives things they received from others as gifts. They take what was given to them and send it to someone else out of laziness and spite.

Derived from Seinfeld
I think he gave you the same book I bought him for Christmas. He is a damn re-gifter!
by elok April 30, 2005
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One who receives a gift from someone, does not like it, so he/she gives to someone else for his/her birthday christmas etc.
Elain accused George of being a re-gifter after she found out that George had given the gift to his girlfriend for her birthday.
by Bosmack October 28, 2006
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1. An asshole who gives you a douche like gift.
2. When a women doesn't wash her vagina for a long enough period of time which accumulates a pungent, tuna like oder and in the event of douching her twat, scrapes off sores from her previous partner then sends the douche as a present to her douchebag boyfriend.
3. Cindy Allen.
1. My ex boyfriend was a big cock rocker but I dumped his ginger loving ass cause he was a douchey gifter.
2. So I hooked up with this chick and she was a real freak. She sucked and fucked and quacked like a duck. One day we got into a fight and she said she would make it up to me. The next day I received a package from her and there was a bloody douche rag that smelled like pungent tuna. Because I loved her and her smell, I used it as a loufa for my face and now I have cold sores. That dumb bitch is a douchey gifter.
3. Cindy Allen has big tits but she is a total douchey gifter.
by Master domer October 27, 2014
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