A really funy remake of the show gi joe. found at www.ebaumsworld.com in videos
(some lyrics) kid 1: Yo i just fucking hacksawed your mom's ass last night.(kid2 falls off boat) man. Ahh uh
kid1 hey are u buz light gear
kid2 wishpering i love ur movie
man ahhh uhhh
vocies at the end GI JOE!!!!!
by BIG BEN SKYWALKER September 30, 2004
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You have a Gi-Joe.
by Redpengu January 8, 2009
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When you ask your bitch a question that she damn well ought to know and she says "I don't know." You then proceed to slap said bitch like she stole something and say "Now you know and knowing is half the battle."
Lisa didn't know where she left my lighter so I GI Joe Slapped that cunt.
by Agora March 26, 2008
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enter the trenches..under heavy influence (alcohol), and dominate and penetrate the target (ho's)
We went to the club and prepared ourselves for GI JOE TIME because there were so many girls up in here!
by swiftkick February 9, 2006
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A phrase describing an overweight girl's arms that are so large that the fat hangs over the elbows creating a defined line between the forearm an the tricep. The result is that the arm looks like that of a GI Joe figure.
That girl needs to go to the gym. She's got GI Joe arms.
by The ForReal Deal April 7, 2006
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Joseph Carlyle Gies is an entrepreneur and avid golfer. Unfortunately one day Joe will not have a hair on his head due to a thing called "male pattern baldness". Joe can be found at any one of the local golf hotspots with his cronies including a small oriental kid. He is also known as Jay, Jason, Jaylord, Joe loves gies and a slew of other names. Joe is also a big fan of Nascar especially Tony Stewart which means that deep down Joe is a ardent Redneck. In the future Joe will most likely work at a movie theater collecting tickets and being "mad sketch". A futile attempt was launched to convice Joe to shave his head and wear a vest.
10 year highschool reunion "Hey Joe Gies, did you shave your head."
Answer "No you asshole."
by El-TIGRE March 30, 2009
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Any person who has served in two different branches of the United States military, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, a combination of any two.
Famous porn producer Larry Flynt is a veteran of the the U.S. Army, (which he lied about his age to get in), and the U.S. Navy. Larry Flynt is a GI Joe Veteran.
by pickuplinepat October 11, 2014
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