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Ghostbusting is an act named by crack dealers, when crack heads continually look and pick up things on the side walk that they presume to be crack cocaine. When a crack head had his last hit he thinks he might find one more hit somewhere scattered on the ground.
yo man you see that fiend ghostbusting right in the middle of the road?
by deebo slice November 21, 2010
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looking for crack, coke, or speed on the ground because you're so spun out you KNOW you dropped some and look there's a fleck of white ... oh I lost it THERE IT IS
Dude was crazy, lookin' at the ground, pickin' up gravel, old crackheads ghost bustin'
by T-Science May 10, 2003
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The act of two or more males pissing in the same toilet or trough. The trick is not to cross the streams.
Buddy1: "Guy I need to take a piss"
Buddy2: "I do too but there is a huge line for the toilet"
Buddy1: "Let's GHOSTBUST"
by Pete Za October 06, 2003
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When a guy cuts 2 eye holes and a penis hole in a nice 700 thread count Egyptian cotton white bed sheet, then sneaks into a bedroom where a girl is sleeping and proceeds to stand over her on the bed while masterbating and screaming a ghostly chant of "Woooo-Booooo" and sounds like that. When the girl wakes up she is terrified by the ghost and then the guy finishes with a Slimer to the face as he says "You've been Ghostbusted Bitch" As he runs away so his identity is not know he yells "I'm a ghost, you cant see me"
My girl took a nap yesterday so Slimed her in the eye with my baby yogert while ghostbusting, she never saw me cumming
by Big Silent Ninja August 11, 2010
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The act of having sexual intercoarse with an albino, man or women either way its vulgar and unacceptable to main society.
Robert was ghost busting all night again with Danielle, hes covered in ectoplasm.
by The Master of all things January 01, 2015
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