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Jim was Ghostbusted by Louise when trying to leave the party without saying goodbye.
by louiloop January 17, 2014
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When a party is broken up by the host(s) under the false pretense that the cops are outside, when in fact, upon leaving, you discover there are no police at all.
brody- dude how was that party last night?
preston- it was pretty good til they said the cops were there. turns out that shit was ghostbusted.
by DTF-Stef March 12, 2009
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When receiving some domeski from a female, right as you feel the urge to ejaculate scream out, "WHO YA GONNA CALL?" As soon as she looks up at you with confusion and says, "HUHHH" immediately scream out GHOSTBUSTERS as you bust a white ghost of semen sailors all over her face. Then say, "YOU JUST GOT GHOSTBUSTED BITCH, YOU DIDN'T EVEN SEE ME CUMMIN" Then throw her clothes to her and tell that ghostfaced knobslobbin slut to get the hell out. Ghostbustin is strictly for slutty trollups, all respectable coolass girls are off limits (there are only about 3 that exist on this entire planet, so theres a fat chance that you'll be able to Ghostbust the next girl giving you a slurpie.)
"Dude, I just ghostbusted all over her face."

"I asked the hoe who ya gonna call, the next thing she knows I'm shootin a white ghost-rocket all in her face. I ghostbusted her like a champ bro."
by ChadwellM October 19, 2011
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the act of masturbating onto a female while she is asleep; unfortunately she wakes and catches you in the act
i was in the process of ghost busting on a female then she was woken by a loud noise and i was ghost busted
by freegaze September 29, 2010
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