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a ghost walk is where you leave a party/night out without saying bye to your friends.

A ghost walk is primally used when you know your night has finished and you don't want the hassle of your mates trying to keep you out later than you have to when all you want is a sofa and a joint..

the second instance of the ghost walking is made more like a mission, you and if someone else is ghosting you come up with a plan of how to get out of the venue without being seen.

once you are outside of the venue switch off your phone and give it legs pink panther style laughing like idiots coz you are free.
Windsor "dude what happened to you last night?"

Will "me and our kid ghost walked, phantom style"

Windsor "I'm well tall"
by yepson tsoane April 25, 2006
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A ghost walk occurs when you or your friends have no where to go such as free houses or parties, and clearly when you don't have enough cash to fund a night out at you local bar.

No more than 3 people go on a "Ghostwalk".

So you and your buddies hit the local Liquor store and buy the strongest alcohol you can buy. You then continue to walk somewhere without a destination set. You continue to talk about random and philosophical topics while walking about aimlessly.

What is said on a "Ghostwalk" cant be repeated!
Friend 1: Yo bud wanna go on a "Ghostwalk"?
Friend 2: Yeah sure, let me grab my jacket.
by da bais May 05, 2013
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