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common word used on online game such as 'runescape' to describe cowardness and the will to perfrom e-sex with another male or female
'hey i almost killed that guy and he logged out of the game.. how ghjjf is that?'
by ghjjf April 02, 2006
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Ghjjf is a word like's great because you can use it in almost any scenario. Don't believe me (H)? Well, you can shut the GHJJF up.
Shut the GHJJF up.
My mom was being a bitch so I was like GHJJF you.
Runescape can liek go GHJJF itself L.
Wow what a huge GHJJF you have. (4head...not peenor..L)
Hey wanna GHJJF with me?!
by Se2b (H) September 03, 2006
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