An extreme version of GAY. This is the pinicacle of flaming wrist snapping fabulous.
That guy wearing the hand stiched daisy dukes and the silk blouse is definatly GHEY.
by Jon Sanchez July 13, 2006
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A higher, more flamer-esqe version of gay people. It is when a series of men, usually 3, enter a mindset together where they want to have intense fetish buttsex or take part in another form of homosexual intercourse.
"Hey Dale...want to call Jim and be ghey?"

"Steve, did you hear that Jim, Dale, and Mike were being ghey?!"
by DaRansom April 24, 2010
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Colloquial term originally created by the students of St. Leonard’s College to condescend Chumma (a person who is clearly ghey). It developed new meaning amongst peers and can now be used as both a playful compliment (which can sometimes cause confusion amongst people who are unaware of its meaning or when not used in the correct tone) and a derogatory description of an event, person or object. It is pronounced differently to ‘gay’, similar to the first sound bite (it does not rhyme with day). It has no homosexual connotations and its derogatory nature implies more that something is lame, stupid, unjust or just plain ‘ghey’.

One day it will be in the dictionary between ghetto blaster and Ghiberti where it rightly belongs, as it is somewhere between gangstaness and culture.
* "Ya ghey"
* Amy and Loz exclaim cheerily and in high-pitch "Ya ghey!" Lucy sarcastically replies "you guys are so ghey"
*Chumma's foolish acts of throwing eggs in Southland (a shopping centre) make it clear that he is truly ghey, and not in the complimentary sense
by Luchang October 28, 2005
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A word that has now be come a colloquialism among online communities and the Greater New York City area that refers to a homosexual male who refrains from exhibiting stereotypical traits of flamboyant gay men and often prefers not to indulge in anal sex.
Susan: Hey, Daria, do you think you could set me up with your friend Mark?

Daria: No, Susan, Mark is ghey, remember?

Susan: Oh, right, I couldn't tell. He seems to me to be straighter than any straight guy I've dated.

Daria: That's because he's G-H-E-Y. Ghey.
by StefanLunovuch August 10, 2009
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When something is more ghey than gay it's to do with a feeling of disappointment in the face of what was thought could be a plausable and positive outcome.
Gay is lesbians eating each other. Ghey is when they don't let you watch
by nastyhobbit September 20, 2007
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n. v. Pronounced "gay." Used when someone is acting like a total fag, but only figuratively.
Spencer: "Hey Eric, do you want to go to Books-A-Million?"
Eric: "Fuck no, that's ghey, you fucking ghey!"

As opposed to when it is used in the literal sense.
Spencer: "Hey Eric, Raj and I are going to go have anal sex and cum all over each others' balls, do you want to join in?"
Eric: "Fuck no, that's gay, you fucking gay!"
by Eric Houser October 29, 2006
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