1. cheapass way to buy an iced latte - order a double shot of espresso over ice, then use the free milk or half & half at the condiment bar at *$, discard most of the ice - voila! save $1-$2 >> pretty ghetto, though

2. even mo' ghetto - mix equal parts 7-11 coffee & hot chocolate
you momma so po she have to make a ghetto latte
by jo-mama January 8, 2006
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Vancouver words for a regular coffee in a large cup which is then filled up with cream from the fixings shelf.Favoured by homeless people, students & other cheap bastards.
"Had no money left after scoring some bud at the Piccadilly; had to order a ghetto latte!"
by Kitsilano Al. July 27, 2008
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Coffee mixed with a packet of hot chocolate.
This office has packets of Swiss Miss next to the coffee machine. Time for a ghetto mocha latte!
by Skyblacker December 18, 2019
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One with Latino Heritage i.e. Mexicans or Puerto Ricans
Damn bitch when those Ghetto Mocha Lattes gonna finish the work on that intersection.
by Jimmy Black October 4, 2006
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