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A homosexual act performed when a man places his penis between the breasts of a fat guy. Using the hole between the moobs, the man on top thrusts his penis back and forth until climax and ejaculation. The resulting semen might end up on the neckbeard of the bottom.

For the male-on-female version, see boobjob.
Unfortunately, being the bottom in a moobjob does not count as having your V-card punched.
by Bowsette_IRL February 02, 2019
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A phrase used as a taunt at the end of a match in competitive online gaming. It is a contraction of gg and ez.

There are several ways of using this phrase:
* Honestly (but considered BM), at the end of a steamroll.
* Ironically, by the winner. When both teams were equally matched and the final scores are close to one another. One could argue that there was an actual gg, in which both sides had an equal opportunity and skill to secure the win. It is often used to express discontent, possibly as a result of their own team's performance, even though they did win.
* Ironically, by the loser. Regardless of the game outcome, a member of the losing party may express "ggez". With that, ironically congratulating the winning team, while simultaneously insulting the team members of their own losing team. Telling the winning team that the reason for their victory was the poor performance of the losing team.

It can be argued that gg stands for git gud (rather than "good game"), as another layer of insult.
Red team wins!
Red #4: ggwp
Red #1: ggez
Red #2: gg ez

Blue team wins!
Red #3: ggez
by Bowsette_IRL June 21, 2016
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To be reported by the other nine players in a game of five-versus-five, for example in League of Legends. In order for an x9 to occur, a request has to be made in All chat.
Support (Janna): ashe toxic af and went afk, x9 pls
by Bowsette_IRL June 21, 2016
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