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Means "my strength" or "my support"
Usually work for both
I like him because he is Azri.
by Hellicopter December 27, 2017
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People with name Azri are bold & materialistic but rigid too. They have strong will power. They love power, authority & leadership. Person with Azri having 8 as Personality number are good planners & very good at business. They are analytical, intellectual & determined. They are religious, efficient, trustworthy & compassionate. They are tenacious, & ambitious.
Guy A: Oh my god,I just wanna be like Azri!

Girl B: I know right,Azri is just so awesome everyone wanna be him. He also have big d***
Girl A: Girl B,what you say if we have a threesome session with Azri? Must be real fun.

Girl B: Wow! Its good idea
by Born to be..... April 23, 2018
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A person with such strength. A person who could handle everything. Very good at loving, helping, kindhearted, trustworthy and positive. Also when it comes on helping, He has the best help they can get. Perfect for a person name Hidayah. If you have a person name Azri please keep them forever, it's very worth to keep.
"Azri is where we can get help from. He is also a person we can count . A trustworthy person after all" said one of his friends.
by Unknown11userW0rld June 07, 2018
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a weird looking hairy baboon with no hair on it's head and quacks consistently like a chicken. this weird almost extinct animal is from the depths of the jungles in Malaysia and likes to walk around picking orifices and smelling it's finger over and over again.
We are going to the zoo to see if we can catch a glimpse of an azri.
by laughwell March 11, 2011
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