In this case "G" would stand for "Get". "F" represents the term "Fucking", and "R" is for the word "Real". G.F.R can be useful as an expression in situations where one would encounter the unbelievable or fantastic. Also used as a request to get serious about a certain discussion or matter at hand.
G.F.R. Is that cop really pulling us over?

G.F.R. You spent how much of your trust fund on lotto scratchers?

G.F.R. they throw in a book light if you order that blanket with sleeves bro.

G.F.R. dude, your girlfriend never got a flu shot? Tell her she cant come over...
by SonyTrapper September 21, 2009
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Short text or IM code when something is gross, digusting, gag-inducing. Gagged For Real.
Can you believe he fell in the Port Authority bathroom trough? GFR!
by j.b. folkstown July 12, 2011
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GFR means something is literally gay, that is when GFR is used. Gay For Real.
The movie that I watched was royally GFR (Gay For Real). It is one of those words that have to be used in context correctly.
by BiMMa b0i M3 July 05, 2006
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Really good food in Geneseo NY on Main Street. A restaurant in Geneseo NY is really called GFR for Geneseo Family Restaurant which translates to Good Fucking Food by some locals.
by gtown101 December 30, 2011
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