Get Fucking Good

Used when a pro is telling a noob that he sucks and needs to get better.
Player 1: *Kills player 2*
Player 2: OMG
Player 1: *Kills player 2 again*
Player 2: Wtfhax?!?!11?!/1!?!?!?!?!?1??
Player 1: Gfg nub.
by `nathan. February 02, 2008
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Friend: Not sure if the girl sitting accross from me is pretty or not.

You: Well she's basically eye fucking you man just GFG!
by alwaysawake February 29, 2012
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go fucking google it

used when some dumbass asks you a stupid question and you dont feel like answering it
dick: hey rick what is the capital of america?

rick: you idiot gfg, dumbass!
by millertime62 March 24, 2008
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Good Fucking Going

Most often used in a sarcastic sense to imply that someone has done someting idiotic or worthy of repremand.
Me: GFG Agess! You just got us killed... again.
Agess: *slashwrists*
by Lenfent May 26, 2006
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gfg - gfg, or good fucking game, used as an extreme alternative to gg or good game. used to show good attitude towards an opponent whether you won or lost, or used to show happiness or pleasure towards a decision or event.
STEAM_0:0:207882 has been banned.
min :: nfx <lan hacks> : gfg fort
FortKielbasa : yea buddy
by nfx December 07, 2003
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Pronounced 'Gee Eff Gee'.
An Acronym used by Strategy gamers, usually after pwning a noob, n00b, or newb. The Acronym itself stands for 'George Foreman Grill', but it has also been used in the context of 'Good Fucking Game'. Usually used as a derogatory term or as a pre-game insult.

2. GFG no Re kthx.

3. Fool I'ma GFG you this round
by XtremeDefenseMARS May 04, 2007
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