1. To have homo-sexual feelings for another person.

2. A term used to mock someone for their abnormal obsession or desire for something which could be a person (not necessarily homo-sexual), place, thing or an action.
1) Ben is "gay for" Steven.

2) Melissa is "gay for" japanese comics.
Chris is "gay for" watching movies.
Thomas is "gay for" Anna.
by DW Chaney November 30, 2007
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If gay means happy then I am very much straight.
by Gamergod696969 December 29, 2022
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Son: “what does gay mean”
Dad: “happiness
Son: “are you gay”
Dad: “no, I have a wife
by V1NSAN1TY 123 October 15, 2019
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“Im so Gay” The man said Smiling

“Me Too” The Other Man Said
by The Gay Person September 21, 2021
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"oh my god dad, thank you for making me the gayest boy in the world!"
"after meeting you i'm the gayest man in the world Candice"
"can i get a gay meal please?"
by ihavenoideainmyhead May 19, 2022
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