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A phrase used by the late great Dimebag Darrell. It refers to doing what you gotta go to have a good time. Getcha' Pull!
Person 1: *holds up a bottle of Jack Daniels*
Person 2: "Oh man, you'll getcha' pull off that for sure"
by JonnySideburns October 27, 2005

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Heavy metal band lead by former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde. The perfect combination of nu-metal and old school metal. And since Zakk plays like every fuckin' instrument ever the music is fresh, and different then anything else you'll ever hear. Best fucking band on the planet.
Black Label rule the world motherfucker!
by JonnySideburns May 16, 2004

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A guitar made by B.C. Rich mostly for heavy metal music. Known for its unique design.
Mick 7 from Slipknot uses a custom Warlock. Not Kerry King, he uses the Custom V.
by JonnySideburns June 09, 2004

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Lead singer of legendary heavy metal band "Pantera". Known for his incredibly powerful voice. Was a great front man until he became an egotistical dick head and formed like 50 thousand "side projects" none of which are half as good as Pantera. Was once looked upon as one of the gods of metal, now everyone thinks hes a moron. Lost many Canadian fans after calling them "Tree hugging faggots".
All along everyone thought that Phil Anselmo was Pantera, turned out it was just those crazy Abbott brothers. Dimebag and Vinnie Paul are Pantera. Phil is just a bitch.
by JonnySideburns June 07, 2004

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