Get the boat was originally a racist comment. People used to say 'Get the boat back to banana island.'. This was shortened down to 'get the boat' as to mean 'get out'.
by RobertBarrett April 10, 2006
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when you see something so dramatizing that you think its time to restart humanity
noah get the boat for it time for a new beginning
by qwertyuiop boi February 17, 2020
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'noah get the boat' is an expression based the Abrahamic idea of 'Noah's Ark', where Noah boards an Ark with a few humans and animals and leave the rest of humanity to die in a destructive flood. The statement is often used when a person sees something so horrible or cursed that they feel like wiping out humanity and starting anew.
Person A: "Have you heard? A man apparently got his sister pregnant during a party."
Person B: "noah get the boat"
by mintansea March 8, 2021
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Last thing a villager hears before a Scandinavian man kidnaps them
PewDiePie: Hey man that's a nice village you got there
by PP101 August 13, 2019
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many roblox chats with friends start off with subtle racism such as this and end with very racist comment never to be said to to people who get offended easily as it is all jokes between friends
get on the boat (said to friend starts a argument)
those black noggaers (because u cant swear) they are infiltrating into our white community and got into our white house that fried chicken licker cuxt
by noggarfardoon August 2, 2019
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Get in the boat is another way of saying a phrase such as "Oh me too!" Or "Jump in the Band Wagon". This is merely just another way to confuse the listener, and allow them to hear this new cool phrase! This will undeniably leave you being the most interesting person in a conversation.
Chad : "I really like Muff Diving!"

Heather : "Get in the boat!
Chad : "What does that mean?"

Heather : "Same bro"
by Darth Paton October 22, 2016
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1. The phrase you tell someone when they are going too far with a subject and/or arguement and they need to let it go.

2. The phrase you tell someone who tries to enter a conversation that they aren't a part of.
1. Jim: "Your hair looks stupid today."
Billy: "Your MOM looks stupid!! And so does your father and your brother and your sister!"
Jim: "I was just saying."
Billy: "And your aunt and your cousin and your grandmother!"
Jim: "Dude this was over five minutes ago get off the boat."

2. Mary: "Dude that concert was so awesome last night!!"
Jill: "I know right!!"
Mary: " weren't even there. Get off the boat."
by mightywheaties April 5, 2011
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