A statement used when about to 360 noscope someone(or anything else eg body checking them in the snow), or when after 420 smoke weed everyday MLG blaze it oh baby a triple quickscoping someone. One of illuminate's favourite expressions.
While skating with head down and DEMON speed, Billy tried to toe drag but instead the defenceman layed him out and said, "get rekt m8"
by Gobillygobarfinahole February 20, 2015
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Mostly used after getting good kill or shot, in mostly FPS (1st person shooter)
Rekt is a misspelled version of the word "Wrecked". M8 is meant to be M + Eight = Mate. So it's get wrecked mate
*360 degrees headshot with a sniper rifle without even aiming in some random Call of Duty game (also 360 noscope)*
Me: Ha get rekt m8
Victim: bwahahahaa, im such a noob.
by Chtulle May 04, 2015
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When one destroys a friends in a game, one must say; “Get REKT m9!” This is to ensure good game and no homo.
by CaptThomas April 24, 2019
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well if you get rekt m8 it means you suck at any fps like if someone were to 360 noscope you, ya just got rekt m8 or if you 420 blaze it everyday then chances are you will not get rekt me
I just 360 noscoped this guy get rekt m8
by dillyboo November 23, 2016
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a phrase to say that someone gets destroyed in an fps game.
John: I quickscoped you, get rekt m8
Victim: -ragequit-
by rekter April 02, 2017
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"Get rekt feg " is a phrase used by Team Fortress 2 addicts and Scrub(noob) lords meaning: I'm not very good at this game but I want to look MLG. This phrase is used to get immediately kicked from a server or in the ass. Synonymous to this phrase is "get shrekt feg" OR "Rektum"
SERVER - "Billy Bob committed suicide"
WomboRombo- " get rekt feg "
by Rocky-T January 03, 2015
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When a bitch roast you and you roast her so bad she don't know what hit her.
Ali: Ayy. . . wait a minute, is that a rare species of bitch?
Maddy: Wait, did i just see a rare species of bitch ass hoe ass bitch? Oh, no it's just Ali. get rekt bitch.
by Bisexual_unicorn October 01, 2019
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