When one is able break through traditional methods of thinking to understand on a more profound level.

To examine ideas centering around humanity, humor, and brain matters, often with others.
“Are you getting it on the level I think you’re getting it on?” “Yes, yes I am
by Forking Shirt August 18, 2019
Mild expletive. A North West of England term (esp. Lancashire) used similarly to the word "git"
Give us that back 'ere you cheeky get!
by DrGreyhound December 17, 2007
Verb: To engage in sexual activity with a certain (hopefully mad sexy) individual
"Everyone wanted so badly to get on Suzanne because she was so damn fine."

"Damn that boy has a nice ass, I'm going to get on him tonight"
by Sex Bomb February 25, 2005
1) Having a meal, getting a good meal in.

2) Sexual intercourse, putting a phallus into an orifice.
Similar but distinct "getting it", which is an adverb.
by Weaponspath November 27, 2015
the act of getting on Minecraft or some kind of other game
by AIRBAEBAE May 30, 2018
To get with a girl. As in have sex with a girl.
Heewoo ... GET ON THAT!!!!!!!!
by Toolboii January 26, 2011
to kiss wit sum tounge!
last night bob got with tina in the back room
by liz December 10, 2003