a penis of german heritage

for justen leingang love sarah
a german kid with a penis has a german sausage, "who you like some german sausage?"
by sarahjeanne November 23, 2004
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A very miniscule and inadequate object often mistaken for a penis.

German condom brands such as Fromm, Masculan, Billy Boy, Condomi & Ritex are all produced in smaller sizes.

'Too big' was the pronouncement of the Munich magazine Focus, in a recent article about German genitalia. Sadly for the men implicated, the article was talking about the size of standard European condoms, not the men who wear them. In 1996, in order to promote economic & cultural exchange throughout Europe, the European Union decided upon a standard size of condom - 6.63 inches in length & a range of 1.7 to 2.2 inches in width, to be exact.

A study conducted by the German condom manufacturer Condomi found that the standard European condom fell off of half of the German men polled. The average German penis is about 3.5 to 4 millimeters (0.13 to 0.15 in.) too narrow for the standard EN 600 condom, said the magazine, proving once & for all that size really does matter." ('Germans too small for condoms?' J A Getzlaff. Salon Mon. 6 Mar 2000. salon.com/2000/03/06/condoms_4/)
German sausage only comes in a small package.
by Jess talis September 01, 2014
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When a women is being fucked really hard by a man and before he cums he punches the girl really hard in the stomach and her intestines come out her but and the man licks it.
Me and my girlfriend fucked so hard last night that i German sausage
by Pigment June 13, 2010
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When a small glass tube is fed through a mans penis and then smashed inside the mans penis for pleasure
Matt: Dude, how was that German Sausage last night?
Tom: Fantastic man. I think there are still shards of glass left inside my junk
by Mcwynar January 05, 2011
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A nightclub or party at which males outnumber females several times over. Resulting in the few females present recieving lots of unwanted male attention and in turn leaving themselves, thus intensifying the effect.
Fackin hell, where are all the ladies at? Its like a German Sausage Factory in here!
by robricciardi May 17, 2011
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4 Dicks in a woman's Ass cavity at the same time.
Guy - 1 "Yo, Dude!"
Guy - 2 "What man?"
Guy - 1 " I just German Sausage Plugged this chick"
Guy - 2 "Yeah dude, I was there!"
by Jerry Seinfelder March 15, 2010
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During WW2 it's common knowledge that solders would drop grenades in the man hole or hatch of a tank to kill the solders inside, however the german sausage drop is a lesser known tactic. The german sausage drop is when a solder takes a shit or throws shit into the hatch of a german tank in an attempt to literally gas them out.
My grampa ran out of grenades in world war 2 so he used the german sausage drop strategy .
by WikiofRodos July 08, 2016
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