A popular bit of wordFanboy Japanese meaning "enthusiastic, energetic, lively".
Adam: You're not looking so genki today.
Me: Ugh, too many beers last night.
by zach September 1, 2003
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A brand of popular 'health tea', infamous for making you feel worse after you've drank it than before. It's the kind of stuff your grandmother makes you drink. Also very popular with college students for it's high stimulant and caffine content.
I drank some genki, so I could stay up all night and cram.
by aes January 10, 2004
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When one takes the most massive shit right after running for a long time. (also known as: genki for shanki)
Darrel, get out of my fucking way before I accidently genki on your putrid face. Bitch.
by Bray n' Clay March 12, 2005
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A disgusting ass Japanese fetish film series with over 20 different films as well as an entire fucking website. It's basically people inserting sea animals like fish, squids, eels, or any sea animal you can think of and inserting it in their vagina and doing sexual things to it.
After seeing Genki-Genki I think we should nuke Japan again
by WinterIsPretty June 12, 2023
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Prof. Genki... get it? God I'm a loser
by XxSn1p3rxX December 14, 2011
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Genki is a japanese word for having sex with a live squid.

Originated from 1820 erotic woodcut of woman being sodomized by squid.
Maybe the reason your girl smell like fish is that she is into Genki .
by D Edgar January 27, 2009
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adjective of or relating to late 80's and early 90's skateboarding slang. Most prominent throughout the west coast. Genky which most closely means weak, feabel, used to describe something possessing questionable construction. ig. That ramp looks genky.
ig. That ramp looks genky.
by magentagrl July 27, 2010
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