an imitator of somthing great; someone who uses other's greatness as their own; poser;hack
Beware his talent, I beleive he is a fat geisha who can waver in true ability.
by the internationals September 19, 2006
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When a man ejaculates into a asian woman's rectom. The woman proceeds to defecate fecal matter and semen at the same time, thus "freeing the geisha".
Dude did you really do that?

Free The Geisha, is what she dun be doin.
by MeowMeowHissHiss December 5, 2010
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The one woman invited to a meeting but she is just there for show and is supposed to be quiet like a geisha.
Liz was our meeting geisha for the account review meeting
by Robt January 10, 2021
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The strange gait that results when you have an urgent need to do no.2 and have to walk fast while keeping your butt cheeks clenched together.
i ate spicy food for lunch, then had to rapid geisha to the bathroom.
by kitten64 February 4, 2016
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