the white shit on your dick that peels off after you have had sex for hours
there are really no examples one day you will find out for yourself

you smell like geel!
you eat geel!
by TLetts September 10, 2007
The act of ejecting saliva out of the mouth by pressing the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth and thrusting the jaw forward. By doing this you squirt saliva out of the salivary glands beneath the tongue.
Kurt can geel a 4 foot stream! You dick! You just geeled on me!
by Ledward January 27, 2005
a little valley boy who looks like cake and acts like a JERK.
youre such a geel, charles.


gee double-ee el.
by your mom July 21, 2004
a word meaning anything it could express anger or anything you want
dude are you doing the geel tommorow
by nate reistad February 28, 2007
What you call someone when you find them annoying, but you love them anyway
Nate’s being such a geel right now
by Hdidnifbdbd October 5, 2019
a geel is a scottish way of calling someone a mongol (mon-geel if ur scottish)
by Marshall Law November 12, 2004
Feelings of the vaginal kind. Stems from gee, which is Irish slang for Vagina in certain parts of the country, such as the counties of Laois/Offaly and also in urban centres of cultural taste, such as North Dublin.
Girl 1: My ex dicked me around...but I still have geelings for him, ya know?
Girl 2: I never shut up about you ridin' him. It's called sex with the ex, you sluh.

Girl: I have SUCH a weird geeling!
Boy: Are you on the blob or wha'?
by Miaowmiaow February 26, 2012