The GNU C Compiler, for use with Linux and other open-source operating systems.
Did you get the gcc cross-compiler library for that platform?
by Spike September 24, 2004
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GCC stands for GNU Compiler Collection (and not for GNU C Compiler). It is used with Linux or other operating systems. It can even be used with Windows if you use mingw32 or cygwin for example...

...and it sucks!
A: I can't afford Microsoft VC++ so I have to use the GCC!
B: You better shoot yourself!
by wrencheater August 16, 2006
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God's Chosen Compiler

In a mandate from RMS Himself, those who follow the true path must compile their software with GCC for it is just and true, noble and kind, and righteous and glorious. GCC is the ultimate compiler for it is Free Software.

Permissive compilers like Clang tend to fall prey to inclusion in closed source software like Xcode. Thus, in ever-lasting preparation of the 2nd coming, we must purify our hearts with GCC where possible and repent for our sins when Clang is unavoidable.

Brothers and sisters, let us persevere in our usage and worship of GCC for we know that it shall eventually reign triumphant and quash all those evil permissive compilers who dare to challenge it. I say, "let them come," for we shall win this battle and the next battle and every battle thereafter. For RMS Himself is on our side and his omnipotent powers will secure our victory sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.

Praise be!, to the GCC.
In the beginning when RMS created the heavens and the Earth, the Earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from RMS swept over the face of the waters. Then RMS said, “Let there be a C compiler”; and there was a C compiler. And RMS saw that the C compiler was good; and RMS separated the C compiler from the toolchain. RMS called the C compiler GCC, and the toolchain he called GNU.
by Bad C dev February 2, 2022
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a community college in gloucester county nj that's mad easy.
most people who go there just hang out in the cc or the library checking their myspace or facebook every 2 seconds.

most ppl who go there:

kids who just graduated from either Delsea, Williamstown, Twp. (washington township as its call by people who dont live in south jersey), West Deptford, Deptford, Gateway, Clearview
-for them, GCC is known as 13th grade because they go there with a lot of the people they graduated high school with or simply just Delsea 13, Twp. 13, ect.


people that are 25+ with at least one kid who are going back to school


people from philly who don't wanna go to a real school in their own city


those teachers 2K program kids (education majors) who are all bff with everyone in their group
Are you goin to college after graduation? : No;...i'm goin to GCC
by johnlikespunchinbitches March 2, 2008
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gcc stands for Grand Champion Costa, who is a very nice guy with the biggest dick i've ever seen and i have seen a lot of them.
Don't even make me talk about his personality, because he is the best guy i've ever met till today.
Gcc is the best azir, zoe and aurelion soul player to ever be alive and does not give a fuck about beeing called a pedo for playing zoe.
KikoS: U are such a pedo for playing zoe.
Anyone around: No! Gcc is not that he is perfect.
by PPdasBolacha09 April 5, 2022
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