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The GNU C Compiler, for use with Linux and other open-source operating systems.
Did you get the gcc cross-compiler library for that platform?
by Spike September 24, 2004
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a community college in gloucester county nj that's mad easy.
most people who go there just hang out in the cc or the library checking their myspace or facebook every 2 seconds.

most ppl who go there:

kids who just graduated from either Delsea, Williamstown, Twp. (washington township as its call by people who dont live in south jersey), West Deptford, Deptford, Gateway, Clearview
-for them, GCC is known as 13th grade because they go there with a lot of the people they graduated high school with or simply just Delsea 13, Twp. 13, ect.


people that are 25+ with at least one kid who are going back to school


people from philly who don't wanna go to a real school in their own city


those teachers 2K program kids (education majors) who are all bff with everyone in their group
Are you goin to college after graduation? : No;...i'm goin to GCC
by johnlikespunchinbitches March 02, 2008
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This is an abbreviation for "grandpa cock connoisseur". This refers to someone (usually female) who prefers the penis of older men, potentially elderly and senile. This girl is in her early twenties and has had a series of daddy issues she is trying to solve by sleeping with men her dads age.
Dude 1: "dude what's with maggie?"
Dude 2: "IDK man, she's a major G.C.C."
Dude 1: "a what?"
Dude 2: "a Grandpa Cock Connoisseur"
Dude 1: "oh yeah, she totally likes old wiener"
by awsum_posum October 19, 2011
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GCC stands for GNU Compiler Collection (and not for GNU C Compiler). It is used with Linux or other operating systems. It can even be used with Windows if you use mingw32 or cygwin for example...

...and it sucks!
A: I can't afford Microsoft VC++ so I have to use the GCC!
B: You better shoot yourself!
by wrencheater August 16, 2006
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Ever seen a fat, ugly white guy married to a really attractive, non english speaking immigrant? That's a green card couple.
"She got a divorce right after she got her green card! That's a GCC right there."
by EpilepticPothead March 06, 2017
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