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A woman who dresses sexy but no longer fits the typical description of attractive. Hoochie mammas are either too old, too fat or are psycically unattractive in some other way, yet they still manage to lure the sexual interest of the most eager men through short skirts, low cut blouses, stockings and other means of sexual attire.
My fat-ass grandmother is a hoochie mamma because she wears thigh-high, F-me boots and still dates men 20-40 years younger than her.
by Doc Xavian May 09, 2009
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Used to describe very large African American women who wear clothes that are far too small for them
Check out the 300lbs hoochie mamma in the mini skirt.
by scotsbear August 13, 2003
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A woman, most likely old and wrinkly, somewhat resembling a raisin, who is under the impression that they can still "work-it". Dresses as if New York City Hooker. Sometimes is seen with a walker. If you are ever asked to "get jiggy" with one, take her purse and sprint quickly to the nearest Starbucks. Hopefully, they wont have enough speed to catch you, and a Starbucks to an old lady is like a physical to a 50+ man. Very, very uncomfortable and a touch to high tech. Stay away from Jerry Springer shows. These attract hoochie mamma's like moths to a flame.
"Shit dude, the hoochie mamma is eyeing me. We gotta dip mane!! heard for nearest Starbucks. The wi-fi creeps them out."
by catspajamas [ecb] June 16, 2008
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