what Tyler Young is, cause he's retarded
Tyler, you're gayu!
by yo June 9, 2004
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Your full name is Ayu ayananan ayaa azim jamal khan your gay and trans and like to
Be railed by pennywise. You have 0 friends and has a shit trim which lead to his dad calling him gay. He is also broke
Girl: Whos that?
2nd Girl: Oh thats Gayu hes so embarrassing and hes a full time gay
3rd Girl: Eww
by K3777 November 5, 2021
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Literally how to pronounce Gaius. Or some people may pronounce it as Gauss.
Mr Chan: it is pronounced as Gayus as I search the dictionary!
Gaius: yes gayus
by that chill kid you met somewhe November 21, 2021
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This is an extremely rare type of person that EXISTS ON MORE THAN 3 DIMENSIONS.
A: Hey did you see Bigus Retardus Gayus yesterday i think he was existing on 6 whole dimensions .
B: Really?! I've only seen him be at 5
by Torpaskor March 21, 2019
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When two people are having sex specially when they are doing gay
Oh man , look at there those two guys are doing Gayu Gayu
by ED_3666 September 30, 2020
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bae y’all r motning shes can snap u all in half bow before me lay beneath my feet
gayu is bae😍👩 ❤️ 💋 👩🤝✈️✨
by nympseuo November 23, 2021
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