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A small town in texas full of meth heads and crack whores. Also known as the safest place to raise your kids in Texas and spur capitol of the world.
Man that bitch didn't have any teeth .....she must be from "Gatesville"
by Randy2686 March 13, 2011
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The largest player-created region in the MMO political simulation game NationStates for the last several years, Gatesville was co-founded by the nations of "Gates the god" and "Rose-Colored Glasses." While Gates remains, RCG has since moved on. Gatesville is known for its staunch pro-national sovereignty policy which is most often expressed as opposition to the NationStates United Nations.

On June 24, 2007, the Gatesville UN Delegate Nevadar made NS history by becoming the most highly endorsed player in the game, a position previously held only by delegates of the various feeder regions.

336 gatesville
322 the_north_pacific
326 the_west_pacific
287 the_south_pacific
226 taijitu
217 europe
212 the_pacific
194 the_east_pacific
If you are going to play NationStates, you should consider the region of Gatesville as a possible permanent home.
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Gatesville is a pro-sovereignty, anti-UN region, headed by its high council, and its founder, Gates the god. Gatesville is the laughing stock of the UN community, for it's "kill the UN" fanatics, misleading "Victories" list on their forums, and often n00bish members. It often claims to have greatly helped with the passage or failure of UN resolutions simply by voting for or against them. For this also, Gatesville is ridiculed by the UN community. Gatesville has been known to silence members or ambassadors who ask challenging questions by banning them from the forums or the region altogether. Despite these, Gatesville is respected for its military and intelligence powers.
I just joined Gatesville. Down with the UN and their evil plot
by The NationStater April 03, 2007
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