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Anyone who has this last name will become one the the greatest people alive and all around him/her people will start fearing for their lifes.
Holy shit hes or she is a McLennan lets give this great person some space to move other wise we will have to suffer the consequences for our actions.
by Ackmed101 April 01, 2011
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badass irish/ scottish who stands tall and is proud to be a mclennan!
Clan Crest: A demi-piper all Proper, garbed in a proper tartan of the Clan MacLennan.4

Clan Badge: Furze.2

Clan Motto: Dum spiro spero (Latin): While I breathe, I hope.4

Clan Slogan: Druim-nan-deur (Scottish Gaelic): The Ridge of Tears.2

Clan Tartan: Logan / MacLennan. (Both Clan Logan and Clan MacLennan share the same tartan).1

Clan Chief: Ruairidh Donald George MacLennan.

otherly known as...bad ass

killed many highlanders

so yeah...badass
a connor mclennan
by connor mclennan March 27, 2008
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