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1. Commisioner of the NHL
2. A greedy, selfish, stuck-up jerk. Must be fired.
Gary Bettman is the worst commisioner of any sport ever.
by teh 1337 0n3 November 12, 2004
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The man who Sidney Crosby is sucking off more than any other man. Probably even at this moment.

This Bettman is also the dictator of the NHL.

Sidney Crosby is the dick taker of the NHL.

Bettman is in love with his bitch Crosby. He doesn't seem to think there are any other players in the league to promote other than his cum dumpster Crosby.
Hey dude, check out Crosby during the pre game warmups. He's got jizz still on his face. Gary Bettman must've dropped by the Penguins locker room and dropped a load.

Jeez, i wonder how the refs are gonna call the game tonight? Oh, i'm sure in the Penguins favor as usual.
by I. C. Nippz January 25, 2011
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the hero that had the hockey season put on hiatus
Due to gary bettman's ways of working with greedy union hockey players, who think, like all unions, that they earn more than what their worth. Season over, go back to canada
by Womack March 08, 2005
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