In the immortal words of Peter Kay comedy GENIUS
1) It's the future- I've tasted it.
2) Garlic? Bread? Bread wi' garlic in?
"It's bread right, bread with garlic in!"
by Radclyffe January 1, 2004
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person 1: i love garlic bread
by ifuckgarlicbread December 19, 2021
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god himself.
garlic dog is garlic god.
by --meow July 24, 2019
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The typa guy that will swoop in and steal your misses in less than a minute, he'll out smart you in every way and show his true ability to solve any sexual tension between you and your step sis. He'll be gentle in bed, but rough in the head after he mentally strains you in everyway possible. He loves to get physical, especially with your chick, and he sure knows how to use his dick. He can please her with the sound of his fingers that can type 105wpm. He is the man, the myth, the legend himself. Garlic Sexya
"Damn, I wish I was as confident as Garlic Sexya"
by dhitter February 15, 2022
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A antagonist from Dragonball Z. He is the son of Garlic. He was bent of revenge against Kami and Piccolo for sealing his father away forever. He first appeared in the Dragonball Z movie The Dead Zone. He was thrown into the Dead Zone by Gohan. He later re-appears in the Garlic Jr Saga which took place right after Frieza. He is killed when Gohan destroys the Makyo-sei which was a star he got all of his power from. He then gets trapped in the Dead Zone forever.
Garlic Jr fought Gohan
by AkatoshsServent August 18, 2007
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When a girl has a smelly vagina, or just smells like she has a smelly something.
Dude I was on a date with this girl and she had garlic vagina
by Bacack May 15, 2011
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