The most loving girl ever. She is the perfect wife for a guy and a cairing friend. But once she stop caring, you will never get the old her.
Ganga loves to help others. She has the most perfect smile. Beautiful eyes, long beautiful hair, and she is very sexy. The only negative thing in her is her ego and attitude. But inside she loves everyone a lot
Someone : Ganga is very beautiful and kind
John : it's so true:)
by Abbiiieee November 25, 2021
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When senior dates a freshman and the relationship is just for sex.
I was a Ganga in high school.
by That stud 1128 April 3, 2018
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A girl with a beagle face nd rude behaviour. A living meme who doesnt knw why she still exist
Ur such a Ganga
by gangotri February 9, 2022
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Baby Ganga is another word for "baby slut" people that suck to much dick when under age lol bye
Look at that thing it's called a baby Ganga
by Fuck me side ways lol August 25, 2015
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Also known as bankstown girls, chicks who come and think their something after 2 weeks. every chick there is all bark no bite their that embarrassing to the point were they see a guy they act like they've been trapped in a box for their whole life. they'll snake their best mate for a guy biggest flops. dont deserve to see the day of light again.
"today i went past bankstown gangas"
really ?

"yeh. too many faggots cuz"
by punchbowlians June 26, 2023
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One of the most prettiest girl I ever met. Who does not think she is pretty. Very down to earth ,introvert girl .A friend who is like a sister,soulmate and a person who you don't wanna loose. She shows per quirky funny side to close friends only . She is also very smart and have high patience
Siva ganga is a girl with curly hair who is really preyty
by Stiva November 23, 2021
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