A fairly large town located in sydney, australia. well known for drug dealing, drive by shootings, muggings and high housing costs. multi cultural and very much arab and asian associated! it has its own airport, train station, centro shopping centre and not to mention its endless amount of hookers!
person a: "where do you live?"

person b: "near homebush"

person a: "oh home bush is lovely where abouts near homebush?"

person b: "umm (stutters) bankstown"

person a: (turns and walks the other way muttering) "homebush yer right"
by rynus May 23, 2008
Haha, They're pretty shit.
Person 1: Who lost 72 - 0 to the Brisbane Broncos?
Person 2: Must have been the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs.
by Noah Joh November 23, 2021