Also known as a forward roll or a somersault.
As part of the gymnastics routine, he did a gambol.
by ftgjfg February 28, 2009
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rolling forward, head first, to either a standing position or to a sitting position. can be connected so that more that one can be completed in succession. sometimes called a forward roll or rolypoly usually done by kids or drunken adults
the boy has done a gambol. or, he did 12 gambols in a row
by gamboling gavin July 6, 2011
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n. jumping and skipping about in play;
horseplay; frolic
I watched the little kids gambol at
the playground for over an hour.
by Erica September 10, 2003
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Brummie slang for forward roll or somersault. Only used in Birmingham, England.
I'm going to gambole down the hallway
by Cincio April 8, 2017
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to frolic playfully (i.e, through a meadow)
Look at the gay men gamboling through that field!

These gamboling kittens warm my heart.
by watchingapuppy April 29, 2010
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