u are gambi
by andros January 11, 2004
There you are, the man with a gambi.
The man with a gambi...
by John September 24, 2004
feces, shit, dump, poop
i gotta take a gamby, be back in a flush.
by BoyScoutsOfAmerica July 22, 2022
A gamby is a guy who is a simp and a cuckhold
"He's such a gamby, he met her online and paid for her a plane ticket and she left him without notice."
A distasteful idea/action/situation.
I was surrounded by dead animals and it was a very gambi situation.
by Chintan Patel August 3, 2007
Hey you going to that party I heard Gamby's going ? No way ! this parties going to crack
by pascaroo May 13, 2011
You may have Gamby Syndrome it you have three or more of the following symptoms

1) someone who is always desperate/needy and saves everybody pictures (even those he doesn't know) (men and women)

2) someone who juices up drama queen stories for attention (Gamby is always victim)

3) a guy who throws his savings away on dirt leg, sack chasing, prostitutes.

4) a guy who brings up other males genitalia

5) a guy who is infatuated with other dudes

6) a bitch who gets stuck with the tab.

7) always has an excuse to bring more men into a situation.

8) closet racist

9) owns dozens of cars that don't run
J: I told my male friend about my ex girlfriend looking at another guy's penis.

::Random dude cuts in::
P: Hold on! Calm down! Allegedly! Has anyone seen the picture?

The above is a reenactment of individuals with symptoms of Gamby syndrome
by это цирк May 19, 2022