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A really funny girl, smallish, but really pretty; she's supermegafoxyawesomehot, for sure. An Etta will be extremely loyal, but you will be depressed if she ever dumps you. A great person, always surrounded by friends. Everyone loves an Etta!
Guy 1: Hey, check her out, she's kinda short though
Guy 2: Yeah I guess, but she's an Etta, she's supermegafoxyawesomehot
by HeyAnonymous October 08, 2011
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me....basically a confused girl who just realized that sometimes love sucks as much as it is amazing.
etta really can't decide between one guy she really likes that is too sweet and one guy she loves that can be a bit of a jerk sometimes....
by xoxo, me August 08, 2008
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Estimated Time To Acquire.

The amount of time it took you to achieve a task or goal.
DarK5ly3r_31337: dood i gots 10mil!!!!!!!1one
ki11j0y137: yeah, but whats ur ETTA
DarK5ly3r_31337: err liek 6 months...

Guy 1: Dude, i just got a date with Jessica!
Guy 2: No way, dude.
Guy 1: Way, dude. ETTA was like, a year and a half, too.
by BetaRepeating137 March 31, 2009
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A bitchy, rude, fat and pregnant woman she always tends to start ranting out loud. everyone in her life hates her and her 'partner' is planning to leave even though they are about to have a kid. LOL hint she usually have an ugly face and her belly blows up like a fat balloon after a week of being prego. alarming huh.
oooooh that bitch is gonna get an Etta.
by Gelica July 10, 2018
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