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A person who is wasted on the street drug GHB is said to be G-tarded.
That guy is so far gone look how g-tarded he is acting.

You better check your friend 'cause he's acting g-tarded.
by Sara Jensen September 22, 2006
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someone that thinks they are being funny when really they are not, it helps if they think they are a funny gangster type but really are just some lame ass suburban nerd like the guy that sent in the definition for g rated pregnancy.
Have you read the definition for g rated pregnancy on urban its g tarded and so is guy that sent that in!
by upincanada November 14, 2006
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just being fucked off by consuming too much G.H.BEE
Girl: you can't fuck me >>> You are G-TARD-ED.!!!>>>>yo your worth less
by jgiddy99 August 19, 2005
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Some fool trying really hard to act gangsta and looking like an idiot in the process. Usually seen wearing all G Unit clothes and the only rap he knows comes from BET.
Guy1: Look at Rob over there embarrassing himself.
Guys2: No doubt, he's acting straight up gtarded
by Hearmethough March 18, 2006
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