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A contraction for "government job." A questionable act, usually using public funds or resources, performed by a public employee geared toward personal or political gain. At times, this act may be preceeded by some degree of coercion or veiled threat from persons in authority.
Tommy is supposed to be checking for loose manhole covers, but he's really on a g-job painting the mayor's house.
by Hot East September 18, 2009
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Verb....Insertion of male member into the anus of his girlfriend, while his girlfriend wears his basketball shorts. Requires an anally lose girlfriend, basketball shorts, and a lot of wits.
last night i G-jobbed my girlfriend, she was not expecting it at all.
by tyrone 123 January 30, 2008
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It stands for Garage Jewellery Owning Bastard. Its related to those people who buy flash cars but only polish and pamper them, never use it in the rain and generally have it just to look at hence the "Garage Jewellery"
John is such a GJOB, he's forever polishing his car but I've never seen him drive it.
by Mr GJOB June 06, 2010
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