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Girlfriend- a guy's one and only hunny for realz.
"whoa check her out, datz my new g/f"
by melisx November 23, 2003
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Gavin likes Faith but remember Faith doesn’t like Gavin.
The G+F culture will rise again!!!!!
by DN6942069 November 9, 2021
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Garanteed Favor

or Girlfriend
I need a G/F from her.

My G/F cheated on me.
by Jhatt September 3, 2006
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Go Fuck a Goat.

or, to procreate with a goat.
"Man, that guy just needs to G. F. A. G."

Why are you talking in acronyms? And yes, he does.
by Risky Plissken December 23, 2008
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Corporate speak for Go Fuck Yourself. Corporation frown on their employees passing curse words back and forth in email so just tell someone to G F Y in the body of the message. Often used in conjunction with GHY (Go Hang Yourself). You would use G F Y and G H Y when telling them to Go Fuck Yourself just isn’t enough.

Hey, Greg, G F Y. Regards, Tammy
by moon2458 August 28, 2006
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A girl who was a complete whore and hits the "lotto" AKA a boyfriend and all-of-a-sudden becomes a bitch/prude who thinks every guy doesn't have a chance in hell.
That chick used to f*ck everyone and now she acts like a professional g/f because she finally got a boyfriend.
by JonesyLAX June 9, 2010
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Gym, Tan, Find out which strange guys Sammi's texting!
Jersey Shore quote from Pauly D
G,T,F is a new creative thing Pauly is known for!
by Meowersss April 8, 2011
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