a term used to refer to a gangsta
What up g money
by Nick D February 13, 2003
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A prefix given to a person who is held in extremely high regard. They are a g and they are money.
Yo! Check out g money Mike. He just bumped out of an Escalade with two nubian queens.
by Matty2ta August 15, 2006
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verb - to take a wad of dollar (any ammount) bills and bitchslap someone across the face
g money that bitch
dont make me g money you
by nate March 28, 2005
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like money, but used by gangstas in a sort of barter economy set-up (usually used in drug deals).
I'll give you 3 iced-out chains, 2 purrs of Urr Force Ones and a niner...that's 2 G in g money if you be countin'...if yo ass give me dat bag o' crack rock.
by Nick D May 5, 2003
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Derogatory name for white youth who emulate inner city black culture.
One who strives for an image of what is far from their reality.
"Look at that g money driving." (Hat tilted to side, right arm loosely at twelve o' clock position, seat reclined, head centered to dash console.)
by SlackerPschoor February 11, 2009
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n. this is the alter ego of graham baum. g-money is often seen sporting iced out chains and often refers to himself in third person. he has excellent pimping skills with the ladies. he wheres fury hats and cromed out teeth (like flava flav)
g-money says ,"hello ladies, its g-money. y'all wanna hop in my ride?"
by MP October 26, 2004
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