A sport for G's ... played by bouncing and catching the ball against a wall to score points. Is a full contact tackling sport.
"Let's go play some G Ball!"

"A kid was killed because he got tackled playing G ball!"
by GBallAustralia May 01, 2009
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Ghetto Ball A Ghetto full contact varient of tradional volleyball played on an irregular court with little to no rules
You homies wana bust out some G-ball dis afternoon, cuz
by Fluffyd October 21, 2008
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A marijuana smoking apparatus that has serious and sudden "high feeling" effects and sometimes hallucination. Used by inhaling deeply with a twisting, turning motion on the device.
I thought Jon was going to pass out from hitting that G Ball so many times last night. Good thing Ryan accidentally dropped it or Jon might be dead.
by Fratttttt July 02, 2014
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A fat balding blind man that sorts metal by touch. His voice also sounds like a motor boat running on gravel and death.
Cory: Hello Keith, how are you this fine day?
Keith: Pretty good, just being a G ball, thats all.
by HeyBuddy! March 16, 2008
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