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To fuck via skype.

In other words cybersex over a webcam medium.

Commonly used by slores and horny virgins.
Julia; Mike can you believe Meg walked in while we were fype-ing?
Mike; Yeah I know I didn't even get the chance to finish.
Julia; Is it weird that Meg wanted to join?
by mukejew October 14, 2010
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To fap on Skype, usually on both sides of the Skype call.
Hot girl: Haiii <3

Bro: Sup, let's fype

Hot girl: okkkkk, lemme go in my room


Hot girl: Look at my new thonggg

Bro: Hot.
Bro: fype up

Hot girl: okkkkk, let me bring my laptop in the bathroom
by l33tl0rd July 14, 2012
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To type whilst masturbating (fap), usually resulting in an abundance of typos.

fap + type = fype

Passed tense: fyped
Present tense: fyping
Future tense: to fype
Person A) those beuwbs a re rlyg reat
Person B) Are you trying to fype?
by CUNTATHOR February 19, 2009
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