A person who is always complaining or putting up a fuss. Derived from a combination of the word "fuss" and "budget," which used to mean a type of container.
Stop complaining, you old fussbudget.

Shirley's such a fussbudget. All she ever does is whine.
by James J. Mitchell October 23, 2006
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What Valkenhayn Hellsing is.
I'm not hungry, go catch Terumi." "B-but.." "Now you senile old fussbudget.
by redangler987 August 28, 2010
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n. money required to fund repairs and clean-up after a riot, rock festival, family reunion etc. Also used with humourous intent by anarchists budgeting for rocks, balaclavas, bail, matches etc. before a riot.
I don't know why those government wanks are upset. Their fussbudget for the riot was lower than ours.

Yeah but that's because you insist on designer face masks, a film crew and imported bricks. I'm beginning to think you're not a real anarchist.
by gnostic1 August 23, 2011
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Typically associated with complaining about customers; or a miserable troll that lives under the bridge.
The fussbudget won't get put of her recliner and help her people.
by Throwaway away October 20, 2020
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