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secretion of bodily liquids associated with the area on or around the fat upper pussy area
That chick had some nasty fupa-juice on her pants.
by David July 29, 2003
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the collected sweat and cum caught in the folds of fat that leak out sometimes.
the fupa juice was all over the dildo
by Bonuch January 20, 2009
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Fupa:the fupa juice can be distilled into finer, more desired liquids such as, but not limited to :(listed in order of most distilation to least) {}indicates where to buy.
FupaJuice{BJ'S wholesale}
Cottage cheese{supermarket}
riccotta cheese. {supermarket}
Mayonaise {sm}
Miracle whip(tangy zip) {sm}
Pam {corner}
sierra mist {taco bell/ KFC}
Mountain dew {pizza hut}
and some others are in developement
mmm this mountain dew is some supa' fupa juice
wow this riccotta is stanky, must be fupajuice
by monkeyticks February 12, 2009
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The pussy cum that drips from the fat pound on the aroused female.
Lily likes to shower and dildo herself to make some fupa juice for her homosexual friends to drink.
by jimmydangler May 08, 2009
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