Creating enjoyment and excitement all at once.
Baseball is fun, even if you are awful at it.

Quoting SpongeBob on UrbanDictionary.com is not fun. Those who do it should stop.
by Rodney Basil May 20, 2004
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The band which consists of Jack Antonoff (Guitar and Drums), Nate Ruess (Lead Vocals) and Andrew Dost (Keyboard, Piano, other stuff). They have two albums; Aim and Ignite (2009), Some Nights (2012). Their current touring members are Nate Harold , Emily Moore, and Will Noon. Many people only know the two songs, Some Nights and We Are Young... but that's because that's all by fun. they play and many fun.atics think that's not right.
Guy: Hey, dude! Who are you listening to?
Dude: Oh I'm just listening to fun..
Guy: Oh! I've heard of them! They have that song, Some Nights right?
Dude: Yeah, but they have more than just that song.
Guy: WHHHHAAAATTT!!?!?!?!!?!!!? THEY DO??!?!?

After Guy listens to Take Your Time...

Guy: O. M. G. I LOVE FUN.
Dude: I know right! They have that effect on people
by FUN.ATIC June 29, 2013
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Fucking Useless Nonsense. A word to describe an activity which gets nothing done but is entertaining.
I was on www.urbandictionary.com haveing some fun. Now I'm going to fail class because I dident do my homework.
by Viral Infection September 13, 2008
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I asked Candice to come over to my place for a fun time. When she left, she said: "I love tea and crumpets, I can't wait to see you again"
Girls just want to have "fun"
by Some_young_guy May 25, 2018
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anything you do on your own will rather than being forced to do it
fun fun fun fun fun fun
by im in hell June 25, 2005
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